For a family company that’s been around for over 75 years, we’ve experienced a lot. Passing the torch through four generations, multiple locations, a series of economic crises, a fire, and now a global pandemic. We always come back to our core values, and the traditions that have proven themselves through history. Looking ahead, we see that the best time to do something that’s been a dream in our hearts is right now, today. For this reason, we are bursting with joy to see our first printed material ready to be your kitchen companion.

The Gygi culture has evolved into a network of guides, tips and tests - all with the same purpose in mind: to make sure your “life is better in the kitchen.” While serving our local and online communities, we have connected with many customers who have become family and friends. Thinking back to our roots and the traditions we were built upon, we wanted to create a permanent and timeless resource.

Think of these printed books as your kitchen companion, a personal resource, a reference guide, and something that should get a few splashes of vanilla on the pages and find a home in your collections. Knowing you’re here, and connecting with you brings us gratitude to be able to consider YOU a part of this Gygi family.